GroomEXP stands for Grooming Expert. We aim to be a leading professional hairdressing & beauty salon chain group and to provide aspiration to continuously excel in the hair fashion & beauty industry. Being awarded Shiseido Professional’s Artistic Ambassadors Salon, GroomEXP will adopt Japan’s most advanced and cutting-edge styling technology to present contemporary Asian beauty to the Malaysian market. Besides using high-grade Shiseido professional products, GroomEXP also aims to maintain Shiseido’s core culture, “omotenashi” which translates to hospitality. It is not just about welcoming the clients to the salon but also providing all services with utmost respect and courtesy to let the clients know they are valued. GroomEXP’s total beauty philosophy is to pay extra attention to details from grooming to their services. So in line with our philosophy, we offers an elegantly designed, professional as well as comfortable environment that lets clients relax while stylists consult and understand their hair care needs. The exclusivity of the glamorous styling area and VIP pampering room with soft lighting and warm furnishings allow complete privacy and serenity.




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