Warisan Captive Incorporated is a Labuan Captive Insurer licensed under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 with an offshore license. We have been operating as a pure captive insurer primarily serving the insurance needs of the owners as the principal insureds. As a Captive Insurer, the focal point is to establish a proper and controlled centralised framework and insurance program in providing cost effective protection from the risks associated with the organization and its subsidiaries.


Warisan Captive Incorporated maintains an operational management office in Labuan that is managed by a team with knowledge, expertise and experience in the insurance business. The management team is led by a licensed Labuan underwriting manager that identify, eliminate or minimise risk exposure, as well as to optimise the use of insurance as a risk management mechanism together with the support of reinsurance protection.




Warisan Captive Incorporated (LL02544) 
Captive insurance


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